What Grains and Flours can I Use after a Celiac Diagnosis?

After a celiac diagnosis, giving up wheat flour can feel like giving up all future baking. Take heart, though: there are a lot of other grain and flour options out there!

Gluten Free Grains
Oats (must be certified gluten free, or not shipped or processed with other grains)
Rice (white and brown)
Gluten free grains can be used to make various baked goods, including breads, pizza crusts and pasta. (Corn and rice pasta are common items on gluten free aisles in most stores.)
There are also many other foods that can be used to make flours. Besides the grains listed above, other popular gluten free flours include:
Gluten Free Flours
Coconut Flour
Almond Meal
Tapioca Flour
Banana Flour
Chia Flour
Garbanzo (chick pea) Flour
Hemp Flour (no, it’s not for smoking)
Potato Flour
Quinoa Flour
The prices of different gluten free grains and flours will vary, but the cheapest (and some of the easiest to get started with) include rice flour, cornmeal, and oats. Note that there’s some risk of cross contamination with these flours, so buying flour marked “Certified Gluten Free” is always a plus.
One quick baking tip: gluten is a binding agent, so many gluten free recipes will include a different binder, such as xanthan gum or guar gum, to make up for the gluten’s properties.

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