If I Think I have Celiac Disease, should I Stop Eating Gluten?

After comparing your symptoms to online lists, you think you have celiac disease. Should you stop eating gluten and see if you feel better?
Answer: NO!

Celiac disease includes symptoms common to many ailments, including fatigue, diarrhea and unexpected weight gain or loss. Some health problems with shared symptoms include:
Non-celiac gluten sensitivity
Dermatitis herpetiformis
Rheumatoid arthritis
Unfortunately, going off gluten without first being tested for celiac disease may skew the results of a celiac test, or leave it untreated. It could also cause other issues to remain unknown. Celiac disease is related to genetics, so if you have celiac disease and are never tested, you’re also risking the health of your immediate family. If you have celiac disease, they may as well, and deserve to know. 1 out of 22 immediate relatives of someone with celiac disease will also have symptoms.
If you think you have celiac disease, consult with your doctor about appropriate celiac testing. Celiac disease should never be self-diagnosed.

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