How long does it take to Recover from Celiac Disease?

After a celiac diagnosis, how long will it take your health to improve? When will you feel well again?
For most celiac individuals, full recovery takes between one and two years. Since celiac disease damages the villi (nutrient absorbing “hairs”) of the small intestine, it can take time for your digestive tract to fully heal itself.

Most doctors will recommend periodic blood tests, and a follow-up endoscopy to verify that your gut is healing.¬†Short-term, however, once you’ve started a gluten-free diet (after receiving a proper diagnosis–don’t self-diagnose!), it’s likely your symptoms will disappear within days, and sometimes 24 hours. In this way, while full recovery takes time, you should see some immediate benefits. If after starting a gluten-free diet, you don’t seem to be improving, talk to your doctor about other possible issues. Some individuals with celiac will give up hard-to-digest foods such as dairy or corn for a time; this can help to speed the healing process.

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