What Foods Aren’t Gluten Free?

After being diagnosed with celiac disease, the first question is, “what’s gluten,” and the second, “where is it?” Gluten is a protein found in some grains, specifically wheat, rye and barley. (This includes all kinds of wheat, even heirloom varieties.) These grains are off limits for someone with celiac... more →
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What are Some Gluten Free Snacks?

We’ve all done it: eaten something between meals. (It must be the hobbit in us.) When you’re on a gluten free diet, however, it’s important to be aware of what snacks are gluten free; inexpensive; and healthy. Even snacks labeled “gluten free” can be problematic for someone with celiac disease. Often,... more →
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Is Celiac Disease an Autoimmune Disease?

Perhaps you’ve heard a friend say, “I have celiac disease,” or you’ve heard of someone with an autoimmune disorder who doesn’t eat wheat or products with gluten. Are the two related? Is celiac disease an autoimmune disorder? The short answer is, Yes. What’s an Autoimmune Disorder, Anyway? Just... more →
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Celiac Disease and Antibodies: The Inside Scoop

If you’re looking for information about antibodies, you probably already know that celiac disease is damaging your digestive tract, specifically your small intestine. The question is, why? What is it about gluten that makes someone with celiac disease sick, and what do antibodies have to do with it? more →
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Where can I Shop after a Celiac Diagnosis?

After a celiac diagnosis, where do you shop? With both gluten sensitivty and celiac disease becoming more widely understood, many stores have started carrying gluten free food items. While it’s becoming easier to find gluten-free foods, pricing can vary, and it pays to know which stores carry what products. Below are 11 of... more →
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How long does it take to Recover from Celiac Disease?

After a celiac diagnosis, how long will it take your health to improve? When will you feel well again? For most celiac individuals, full recovery takes between one and two years. Since celiac disease damages the villi (nutrient absorbing “hairs”) of the small intestine, it can take time for your digestive tract to fully... more →
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